stories  &   physical products. 

[a story is bundled with each product]


Re-inventing Re-tale

Every item in the collection is bundled with an adaptation of an existing story about a woman and her relationship to clothes. The beginning of each story will be filmed and released to customers in Fall 2018.

When you check out, you will be asked to assign a portion of your total payment to funding the story, and a portion of your total payment to the merchandise.

The story that attracts the most total ‘funding’ will be produced as a short film and distributed to all Calla Company customers in 2019.

How will you value the good? How will you value the story of the good? 

Prices start at $75 (go here)



Only interested in the tale?

Interested in getting a bundle of 7 stories this fall? Preorders are available now.

$5 (click to buy)


Frequently Asked Questions

What’s a story?

Great question! The Calla Collection stories are adaptations of existing stories (some of which are more familiar, and some of which are less so) that explore the relationship between women, our clothing, and our bodies.

When do I get the story?

Each of the seven stories will be teased in the form of a 1-minute film, which you will receive via digital link in late 2018.

What about the full film?

At the end of 2018, the story with the most ‘assigned value’ will be produced as a short film. Expect to receive this film in 2019.