the calla collection is comprised of two things:

stories  &   physical products. 

[one story is bundled with each product; additional stories can also be bundled in or bought separately. NOTE: Stories will launch officially in October 2018. Preorders can be made now.]

jacket and puzzle3.png

Gimme the retail

Tell a story with your clothes

Every purchase comes with one story, a piece of a larger fabric. You weave your own story.

$75-230 (see prices here)
jacket and bundle3.png

Gimme the re-tale

Let your clothes tell a story

Want to experience the full journey of all six stories? Add-on to your purchase to get the full suite.

$5 additional

just puzzle.png

Gimme just the tale

Purchase the full suite of stories only.

$7 (click to buy)

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s a story?

Great question! The calla collection stories are a filmed portraits of women based on existing stories that explore the relationship between women, our clothing, and our bodies (potentially stories that you know!). Each of the six stories comes in the form of a 1-minute film, which you will receive via digital link.

Do I need all the stories?

Each part of the narrative can also be enjoyed independently, but they also connect if experienced together.