the karen

the karen


The Shirt: A go-to playful and flowy patchwork shirt, long in the back. Calla’s favorite for comfort and style.

“Dance you shall, dance—!”

the karen bundled with a story

The Red Shoes, 1845: In Anderson’s version of The Red Shoes, an executioner literally cuts off the feet of a girl to free her from her spirited shoes. This version of the story explores the paper-thin line between how the physical things we wear, and the physical work we put our bodies through, can both bring us both immense euphoria and immense suffering.

When you check out, you will be asked what portion your total payment you would like to go to Karen’s story. Customers will receive the beginning of their story in the form of a 1-minute film in the fall, but the story in the collection that attracts the most total ‘funding’ at the end of the year will be produced in full and distributed to all Calla Company customers in 2019. Click here to find out more.

Fun Facts:

- Light Shirt/Blouse

- 100% cotton

- Cold wash, line dry

- One size fits all! (Womens 0-12)

- Ships within USA only

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