the mabel

the mabel


The Jacket: For the classic and artistically-driven. This sculptural kimono-inspired jacket comes in two colors, and can be worn everyday over jeans or featured as a centerpiece for a special occasion.

“Fashion meant cut, meant style, meant thirty guineas at least — but why not be original? Why not be herself?”

the mabel is bundled with a story

The New Dress, 1924: Before Mrs. Dalloway, Virginia Woolf penned “The New Dress.” This loose adaptation takes us into the mind of Mabel, a woman on her way to a party. It could be any party really. It could be any other dress. The thing is, in this moment, she really wishes it was.

When you check out, you will be asked what portion your total payment you would like to go to Mabel’s story. Customers will receive the beginning of their story in the form of a 1-minute film in the fall, but the story in the collection that attracts the most total ‘funding’ at the end of the year will be produced in full and distributed to all Calla Company customers in 2019. Click here to find out more.

Fun Facts:

- Light Blazer/Jacket

- 100% cotton

- Cold wash, line dry

- One size fits all! This coat fits loosely on the body

- Ships within USA only

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